What are the age requirements to participate in your programs?

Our martial arts programs are designed to cater to various age groups. We offer classes for children as young as four years old and have no upper age limit. It’s never too early or too late to start martial arts training!

How often do you recommend attending classes?

To fully benefit from our martial arts programs, we suggest attending classes at least twice a week. Consistent practice is crucial to progress in martial arts.

What does my child need to wear to class?

For the first few classes, comfortable sportswear is perfectly fine. However, as your child continues their journey, they will need a proper martial arts uniform, which you can purchase at our academy.

What happens if my child or I miss a class?

Life happens, and sometimes you or your child may need to miss a class. Don’t worry! We offer 3 of each class. That way if they miss a week they can bank it and use all 3 the following week to catch up.

Is there a minimum contract period for membership?

No, there’s no minimum contract period for membership. We operate on a month-to-month basis, and you are free to cancel anytime with a 30-day notice.

What if my child or I have no previous martial arts experience?

Don’t worry if you or your child haven’t trained in martial arts before. Our classes are designed to be accessible for beginners, and our instructors will guide you every step of the way. Everyone starts somewhere, and we’re here to help you begin this exciting journey.

Are parents allowed to stay during class?

Absolutely! We encourage parents to observe their children’s classes. It’s a great way to see their progress and the skills they’re learning.

How can I get started?

It’s simple! Just give us a call, send us an email or click here to schedule your first class. We look forward to welcoming you to the Vipers Martial Arts Academy family!

How much does it cost?

Pricing can vary depending on the program and class frequency. We recommend contacting us directly for the most accurate information on costs. We strive to provide high-quality martial arts training at affordable rates.

What type of classes do you offer?

At Vipers Martial Arts Academy, we offer a wide array of classes to cater to various interests and skill levels. This includes kickboxing, karate, and self-defense, among others. We have age-specific classes, from children to adults, ensuring everyone gets the most out of their martial arts journey.

Is sparring required?

While sparring can be an important part of martial arts training, we do not require it in all classes, especially for beginners or those who are not comfortable with it. We respect the comfort and safety of our students and make sure to provide a supportive, non-threatening environment for everyone.

Do you host tournaments or competitions?

Yes, we do host and participate in various tournaments and competitions throughout the year. These events can be a great opportunity for students to showcase their skills and meet other martial arts enthusiasts. However, participation is completely optional and based on the comfort level of the student.

What's the schedule of the classes?

We offer classes throughout the week at various times, making it convenient for you to choose a time that works best for your schedule. You can find the complete class schedule on our website, or you can contact us directly for more information.

Do you offer private classes?

Yes, we offer private classes for those who prefer a more personalized training experience. Whether you want to work on specific techniques, boost your confidence, or simply prefer one-on-one training, our instructors can customize a training program that suits your needs.

How do I contact you?

You can reach out to us through phone or email, which you can find on the “Contact Us” section of our website. We’re always happy to assist you and answer any questions you might have.


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Adam FreerAdam Freer
18:13 23 Jul 23
Viper is a family run independent martial arts academy run by husband and wife with focus on delivering high quality teaching.It delivers kickboxing and Wado Ryu Karate in a great sized permanent matted environment.No pokey small room above a shop, this academy has catered for the community needs with friendly environment.My 2 girls have attended for a few years now and have developed not just as martial artists but as little people.They have been taught about kickboxing and fitness yes, but determination, resiliency, talking about feelings, general self defence and how to be part of a team.It's not just the martial arts at the door that this team have delivered. They won an Unsung Hero community award for their help in the initial evacuation of Ukrainians during the war there and took thousands of essential life products in a trailer to the border all from their home to the edge of the war zone.I have attended free self defence classes to all who wanted them and they regularly offer these sessions to the public at the academy for free and are looking to branch out into the wider community depending in the needs of the people.They also run summer camps and kids only days so if you want to book the kids in for play sessions or nerf wars, halloween parties etc you can vut these full up quick.There is room.for load on the mats and the kids sessions are regularly busy meaning they will make friends and get along, vut the adult classes are a little longer and more chilled out.If all the parents want to stay you can be a little cramped up but the emphasis of the club is to let the kids get on with it alone it's only those (me) who can't cut them strings easily that might want to rethink.They have recently redecorated and moved bits around amd here lies my only real criticism. At the moment there is the lack of the ability to grab a brew or hot chocolate while you watch the training!Having spent near 30 years training in martial arts I was sceptical seeing other clubs charge a fortune for crap product and glorified babysitting, but here it's very much not that. You're kids (or you if you're an adult) are expected to give it your all and learn, but the rewards and recognition you get every single lesson is exceptional!For me easily the best kickboxing and karate academy for miles and miles bar none! If you're wanting a proper academy to learn and grow for you and your family them Viper ghost by the rest and leave the opposition in flames behind!!!
Samantha DickinsonSamantha Dickinson
09:02 15 Jul 23
In my sons own word“Viper is so good, I get to learn new things, meet new friends and play cool games” On his taster session Mr and Mrs Quinn were so helpful and friendly. I can not believe how much confidence and skills Louis has developed whilst at Viper. On and off the mats the instructors go above and beyond! As parents we all worry about our kids, but I worry less knowing Louis has developed the skills and knowledge to be able to handle situations. Not only do they learn Martial Arts they learn life skills whilst having so much fun! I can not recommend VMAA enough!
Joanne MarshallJoanne Marshall
19:51 07 Jul 23
Fantastic training this evening at Viper Martial Arts Academy. I’ve not been to kickboxing for over a year. Everyone was very friendly, inclusive and encouraging. Owner, Mrs Quinn, joined me on the mats and was very supportive.Where else would you start with Bleep Test and finish with a game of Dodgeball on a Friday evening?Mr Quinn was extremely welcoming and the class overall was a lot of fun!
16:54 07 Jul 23
Life changing. Joined Viper at bit of a loose end 6 months ago with the attitude of why not.. it’s given me a positive outlook on life and I look forward to every session. 🙂 even the fitness side of it 😂🤮 get me the bucket!! 🤮🤮
Richard SaulRichard Saul
14:39 02 Jul 23
My son and I joined the academy in November 2022 to begin our kickboxing journey. From the way were initially welcomed into the Viper (Phoenix back then) family over the phone considering our circumstances and requirements, to the way classes are hosted and instructed with precision, care and fun, I can not thank Mr & Mrs Quinn enough for the positive impact they and all the instructors and students have had on mine and my son’s lives. We absolutely love it there, both of us are excelling at kick-boxing and I, as a middle aged man, feel fitter than ever. Thank you so much and here’s to a great future ahead!
14:28 01 Jul 23
I started adult kickboxing classes here just over a month ago and I absolutely love it. Mr Quinn and the other tutors are brilliant. It's my first time learning kickboxing and within just over a month I did my first grading and got a red belt. The content of the classes is varied enough to keep it interesting, and it's been great for helping me lose weight, improve my fitness and mental health. The other students are lovely and very respectful as well, as are all the tutors.
Kelly KerriganKelly Kerrigan
11:42 29 Mar 23
My twins started kickboxing with Phoenix in late 2022 and it has been amazing to see how much it’s helped them, not only build their confidence but also how much it’s helped change their behaviour and calm them down. They literally count down the days until their next lesson and love nothing more than getting into their sparring kit to burn off some steam. Mr and Mrs Quinn and the rest of the instructors are AMAZING with the kids and really show them encouragement with every task they set. Its a lovely little community to be involved with, everyone is made to feel welcome and the kids have made some brilliant friends in the short time they’ve been there- it’s also clear how much respect all of the children have for each of the instructors which is testament to how amazing they all are!